From Fiverr To Independent Freelancer

From Fiverr To Independent Freelancer

I am proud to be the first creator featured by NotionUtopia. Seeing my Notion products in the shop and being able to offer my Notion Avatar services professionally, shows me how far I've come.

Starting Out 

A couple of months ago I had no idea how far I'd be able to grow as a Notion creative or how great the experience would be. I started out offering Notion Avatar services on Fiverr to make extra income. Honestly, I didn't think I'd get a single buyer. I thought it was a nice notion, an enthusiastic idea.

I was majorly mistaken. In no time I'd gotten avatar requests from 10 Notioneers, I was doing it and it was amazing. I was putting in the work, and seeing results, but more importantly I was making clients happy. The experience I enjoy most till this day is the responses I get from my clients.

The Breaking Point

Obviously, Fiverr has their own fees for administrative purposes and featuring on their platform. On top of that, I’d have to wait two weeks before the payment would reach my PayPal account.

When I started out these fees made sense, but I was the one bringing in my clients. I was doing my own marketing and sending the traffic to my Fiverr account. I already started questioning if I needed Fiverr and considered leaving the platform to be a solo freelancer, so when they took a cut from my tips it was the final straw.

Going Independent With

As most freelancers and startups have taught me, you have to make the best of what you have, so using Notion, PayPal, and Google I made a website. Doubts and all, I shared my site and kept my fingers crossed. Sooner than I imagined I got the email saying I had my first Notion Avatar client. I kept getting orders, I started creating illustrations and icons, and offering more Notion-style creative services.

My Future As An Illustrator

Now, I’m striving to build my illustration career helping the Notion community create their brand identities. The Notion community is growing with more consultants, educators and brands joining every day.

As this community keeps growing, I want to help creators bring their visions and ideas to life with minimal visuals. I want to create graphics that give the viewer the same feeling of connection and community as the wonderful brand visuals used by