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How to Get Affiliate Product Links - Tutorial

by The Notion Guy on Jan 01, 2022

How to Get Affiliate Product Links - Tutorial

Creating an Account

You can sign up to be an affiliate with NotionUtopia. 

Create an account using your personal details, create a unique password, and submit the links to your website, Twitter and Instagram accounts. 

Once your account is confirmed you can login to the affiliate portal. Finish setting up your account by adding your payment details.  If your payment detail is not specified, you will not be able to receive updates on commission payment. In addition, you can edit your profile and set up the notification options in Settings.

Create an Affiliate Product link

Available Affiliate products

To view which products are available to promote please click "View Product Commission". You’ll also be able to see the % affiliate commission on offer for each product.

Create an affiliate link for a product

To create an affiliate link for a product, select a product from the list in “View Product Commission”  and copy the product title. 

* To always have an updated list of the affiliate products available you can download the list as a CSV.

Next, select "Get product link" on your program details dashboard. You'll see the Get Product Link pop-up.

Paste the product title in the search section. Once the product comes up, select it. Next, click "Generate" to create your unique affiliate link for the product you’ve selected.

Select “Copy & Save” to copy the link to your clipboard. You can share your unique affiliate link via your social media accounts, website, newsletters, or blogs. 

Now you'll see the product has been added to your list of affiliate products, along with the date it was created. You won’t need to create a link for the same product again. Each time you need the link, simply find the product and use the handy “copy to clipboard” button.

Do not use the "Default Affiliate Link" provided on the program detail dashboard. This option is not available meaning you can’t earn any affiliate income by sharing this link.

When you get sales from your referral links, you'll see the sale details displayed on your dashboard. It will show you which of your affiliate products made a sale, along with the amount of commission you've earned.

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