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Submitting Your First Product - Tutorial

by The Notion Guy on Jan 01, 2022

Submitting Your First Product - Tutorial

Creator Details

Use the same creator name you’ve submitted when you created your account. Your Creator Name will be displayed with your products.

Add the email you used to create your account. We’ll use this email for all correspondence regarding your products, and to notify you when it’s been approved.

Product Details

  • Product Order Card 

When customers purchase your product, they receive the order card PDF that contains the link to your Notion template. Custom order cards are a great way to give your customer a great experience. We recommend keeping the design minimal and adding a simple “thank you” message.

If you don’t have an existing order card, don’t worry, our team will create one for you. 

Before uploading your card, ensure you're uploading the correct card for the product you’re submitting and that the link works. 

  • Product URL 

To review your submission, you’ll need to provide the link to your Notion template or cloud file (Google Drive or Dropbox). 

No links to Gumroad product listings or your own website.

  • Product Title 

Product titles display underneath your product image on the home page, and at the top of the product page. You’re allowed 100 characters for your product title. We recommend having clear titles that describe what your product is and to include your main keyword. 

  • Product Summary 

Product summaries are displayed directly underneath your product title on the product page. The summary is a brief sentence or two that describes what your product is and who it serves. Try to make your summary no shorter than 30 characters and no longer than 120.

  • Product Description 

Your product description displays directly below your product images. Keep the description within the 500 character limit. 

Your product description can be HTML formatted so make use of headers, bullet or numbered lists, bolding, and links to your supporting resources like Youtube videos or blogs. 

Here’s a more indepth article with tips to create high quality product copy and how you can use formatting in your product descriptions on NotionUtopia.

  • Price

Our marketplace shows all product prices in USD ($) as whole numbers. If you’ve previously sold your product in another currency please convert it to the nearest USD amount. 

To ensure all our creators earn from their products, we don’t allow products to be priced below 2 USD. 


If you’re listing a product on pre-order it allows customers to purchase your product, usually at a reduced price, before you’ve officially launched it. Once your product officially goes live, all the customers who’ve bought your product will receive their order.

Select if you’d like to list your product on pre-order, add the date you want it to go live, and lastly add your launch time along with your time zone. 

Example: Launch date is 14 February 2022 at 10 PM, in Paris. 02/14/2022 10:00 PM CET

When you add a product on preorder on NotionUtopia, we can help promote your product and add unique features to your product page. 


Our marketplace has built in features that make the shopping experience unique based on every shopper. We use the organization to help create this tailored experience and provide customers the option to search for specific Notion products. 

If a customer is interested in business related templates, they can browse that specific collection. When they view a product, other complimentary products are suggested to them. 

Product Category 

The category tells us what type of Notion product you’re submitting. 

Currently you can select one of these categories:

  • Notion Templates - Notion pages that customers duplicate and use as their own - templates, checklists, dashboards. This also includes any tools that you’ve built in Notion, such as libraries of curated resources (vegan recipe database). 
  • Icons & Illustrations - Any graphic assets made in the same illustration style as Notion’s brand illustrations. Minimal black and white assets that can be used in Notion workspaces.
  • Video Courses - Courses that help buyers learn about anything related to Notion. Your course files must be downloadable or curated in Notion. For example: Course - How to create and sell Notion Templates.
  • Ebook & Guides - Ebooks and guides created using Notion. Any ebooks or guides with content about Notion, Eg. Notion Easy Start ebook
  • Professional Services - Notion related services that have a fixed price and deliverable. Eg. Creating Notion Avatars or workspaces

Product Tags

Your product can include up to three tags. Choose tags that are most relevant to your product.

  • Freelance Template - Tools or templates created for freelancers. Eg. Client Management system for freelancers, Project management templates for freelancers
  • Career Template - Tools or templates that individuals can use to further their careers or that replace standard career documents. Eg. Resume Templates, Portfolio templates
  • Productivity Template - Productivity tools or templates that aim to improve productivity in a specific area. Eg. Eisenhower Matrix, Get Things Done Dashboards
  • Finance Template - Anything that relates to personal or professional finances. Eg. Budget Template, Business Expense Tracker, Invoice Templates
  • Business Template - Tools or templates that relate to or are created for businesses. Eg. Customer Journey Map Template, Company Operating Dashboard
  • Academic Template - Tools and templates relating to academics, both for students and teachers. Eg. Academic Dashboard, Student Portal, Learn Spanish Template
  • Personal Use Template - Tools or templates used for anything in your personal life. Eg. Health & Fitness Dashboard, Home Organization Template, Plant Care Tracker
  • Video Courses - Video courses about Notion or curated in Notion
  • Ebook - Ebooks about Notion or created in Notion
  • Guide - Guides about using Notion or guides created in Notion


  • Video URL - You can add a link to your Youtube Videos to display it on your NotionUtopia product pages.
  • Thumbnail - Your thumbnail must be a square 1:1 aspect ratio image. The product thumbnail is displayed on all the site pages and it’s the main cover image on the product page. When your product link is shared to social media, it will also populate your thumbnail product image.
  • Cover Images - Along with your main cover image, you can add an additional 7 cover images to your product which customers can browse through on the product page. 

Affiliate Marketing

You can opt in to affiliate marketing for your product. By selecting to opt in, affiliates can promote your product to earn a commission whenever someone buys your product using their link. Affiliate commissions are calculated on the amount after NotionUtopia’s commission and sales fee have been deducted.

Sale Amount - NotionUtopia Commission - sales fee = creator earning

Creator earning - affiliate commission = final payout to creator

You can select the % commission you’re willing to give to affiliates - 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50%

Hit Submit

You can add any special requests or notes to our team before submitting your product for review. To speed up the approval process, double check you’ve correctly added all the required information before submitting.

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