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5 Templates for Better Productivity In 2022

by Notion Guy on Mar 01, 2022

5 Templates for Better Productivity In 2022
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There’s plenty of ways to improve your daily productivity but it all starts with having a tool you can use daily. Notion is an incredible tool to improve productivity in your personal and professional life. It’s flexibility and various input options allows you to build systems that work for you.

No matter what productivity principles you’ve decided to use, someone has done it using Notion.so and built Notion templates to help you get started immediately.

This list contains a few of our top productivity templates. It includes templates and dashboards that can help you map out and plan your goals, get more things done in your day, build habits, and stay on track even if you’re juggling a lot of different things.

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Momentum - Smart Habit Tracker for Notion

Momentum - Smart Habit Tracker for Notion

Check Out The Template Created by Yudax

Productivity starts with our daily habits, and Notion is the perfect tool to help you. If you’re ready to reach your habit goals then you’ll need to track your activity. This Notion template is built for exactly that. It includes visuals to help you see your progress and pitfalls at a glance by converting your data into charts and heat maps.

Momentum is an easy to use system that helps you stay motivated with weekly reports for you to review along with a Reflections board so you can see what worked and what didn’t. Our favorite is the streaks calculator giving you a reminder to pat yourself on the back or get back on track.

Self Innovation OS

Self Innovation OS

Check Out The Template Created by Luke Geruson

This system has every tool and resource you’ll need to create your ideal future, including how to discover your purpose and lay out what your ideal looks like. It guides you to develop a vision for your future self and the templates serve as tools to help you build out your roadmap.

It’s broken into three sections. Vision is all about helping you learn more about yourself and what you want in life, and how you’ll ultimately get there. Knowledge is power and this section allows you to gather, organize and utilize everything you consume. The Action zone is built on the 80/20 rule to enable you to quickly and effectively plan so you can do less but get a bigger return.

Student Hub for Notion | Aesthetic Dashboard for your University Life

Student Hub for Notion | Aesthetic Dashboard for your University Life

Check Out The Template Created by Makiso Design

A Notion template for academics that merges functionality with beauty. In your academic career productivity systems can mean the difference between peace of mind and total burn out. This system consists of multiple databases that integrate to speed up your workflow.

This bundle includes templates for your personal day to day life such as a habit tracker and task manager. Your academic system links your classes, lectures, readings, and your school calendar. You can stay on top of everything and prepare for exams long in advance.

Ultimate GTD Creator's Workflow - 5 Templates Bundle

Ultimate GTD Creator's Workflow

Check Out The Template Created by Hey Shry

This bundle is designed exactly as described - to get more done. Ideal for SMART goals, this system can be integrated whether you’re a creator trying to grow your brand or a professional trying to scale your career.

It provides templates to set your vision, plan out your projects, assign and record all the necessary steps, and track all the important stuff.

Personal Project Tracker Template

Personal Project Tracker Template

Check Out The Template Created by Yash Prakash

With so much going on in our daily lives it can be hard to stay on track with your personal side projects. Don’t let life be an excuse anymore. If you’re working on improving yourself with extra studies in your free time, or if you’re working on something you’re passionate about it then this template can help you.

A simple task management system to help you keep track of any “extra” work you’re doing. It’s designed to be separate from your everyday task manager to avoid feeling overwhelmed. You can stick to the schedule that suits you and keep yourself on track. When you’re ready to focus and commit some time, your projects are there waiting for you.

Make your 2022 all it can be with Notion

We hope you’ve found some inspiration to get started with Notion.so and make 2022 all it can be. It can be hard taking that first step. Staring at a blank Notion page can be intimidating, but it shouldn’t deter you from building your ideal life.

That’s why we recommend finding notion templates that match your needs so you can start with a solid foundation and build from there. If it’s not part of this list, you can check out our notion template marketplace to find exactly what you need.

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