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6 Free Templates for Daily Planning and Note Taking

by Notion Guy on Mar 01, 2022

6 Free Templates for Daily Planning and Note Taking

Paper planners, multiple apps and calendars can suck up your time. You’re spending more time looking for notes, jumping randomly between tasks and forgetting crucial ones along the way, and switching between different programs just to know what you’re doing today.

Those crazy days are behind us thank to the wonders of Notion.so and all its various features. To take it to the next level, creators have made templates and dashboards to save you time so you can start organizing, planning and getting things done.

We’ve put together a few templates to help you keep track of your daily ins and outs, and replace those sticky notes that always seem to go missing when you need them.

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Weekly Agenda

Weekly Agenda Notion Template | Marie Poulin

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You can prepare for the week ahead and see everything in one place, no more surprises. This template let’s you stay on top of your week and what needs to get done on each day.

With sections to track your habits, add your to-dos, and capture any notes that come up in your day, you can stay focused and breeze through your day.

Start and end your day with peace of mind, all in one place.

Thomas Frank's Note-taking System

Thomas Frank's Note-taking System

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Thomas Frank’s note templates are a powerful way to record thoughts, ideas, or other important information. Not only do you never have to worry about losing those sparks of genius or interesting resources, but it’s designed to help you take advantage of them.

Note taking can be powerful and this system encourages you to take your notes and utilize them. Your notes stay organized through categorization and labels making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Ultimate Tasks Notion System

Ultimate Tasks Notion System

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Projects big or small can become chaotic across various tools and apps. This Notion template removes the chaos. Keep track of your tasks and see your progress as you work. You won’t ever miss a step or be unsure what to do next. Plan out your projects for success, record the work you do for your own recall or the team. Workflows stay smooth and afterwards you can look back for insights on what worked, what didn’t, unexpected challenges and other factors to help you better prepare for the next project. Success becomes almost guaranteed and the lessons you can take away are invaluable.

 Personal planning Notion dashboard

Personal Planning Notion dashboard

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If you’re someone who’s always busy with a lot happening in your day, a full dashboard like this one is perfect. You can work directly in Notion, or use it as your planning tool to get your through the day no matter if you’re at your desk or on the go.

Add in your to-do’s and if the day get’s away from you, you can go back to your outstanding tasks and pick up where you left off the nest day.

 Quick note

Quick note Notion Template

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Thoughts, ideas, inspiration, reminders, resources or important information can come to us at any moment. You don’t need to completely drop what you’re doing to scramble for a paper to write it down, or throw it in your bookmarks where you’ll likely never go back to find it. A simple note taking template such as this one is ideal for these moments. If you’re on the go you can pop out your mobile and add a note on the spot to review later. Use the Notion web clipper if you’re browsing to easily grab information and send it straight to your notes.

Notion Task List

Simple Notion Task List Template

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Managing tasks isn’t limited to when you’re at work. You can also stay on top of your personal activities with a simple task list like this one. Use the template button and save time when you’re adding tasks, quickly fill in any info that doesn’t auto populate and off you go.

Keep everything you need inside the task page for when you need it. The best part is being able to quickly move a task as you tackle or complete them, and archive any you don’t need to look at anymore.

Set yourself up to succeed everyday

Getting things done should be the priority, and having a simple system like these templates does just that. We hope these templates help and inspire you to simplify your day.

You can check out our shop for other Notion templates focused on different areas of your life such as health and fitness, or to help your professional journey.

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