Our story

Our Story

We created NotionUtopia to solve a key obstacle undermining the rapidly growing Notion community - disconnect. Everyday users, creatives & start-ups are isolated into smaller groups. Unable to harmoniously unite among each other. NotionUtopia aims to change that.
We aim to remove the divide with a single platform.
Providing the very best resources, products and solutions for all. Notion creators, experts, and hobbyists come together to do what they love and be acknowledged for their interests and contributions.

Our mission

Our Mission

We're dedicated to providing the very best products to fit any need. Over time as our community grows, we want to build up a large directory of expert consultants, engineers and coders, each with a particular skill set or speciality related to Notion.
We aim to see our creators grow by helping them connect with an audience and build their authority. In future, you'll need to look no further to find any template, resource or specialist to help you solve a problem.

Become The Community

We're building this platform for people just like you. For creators, solution seekers and for those with passion for Notion. 
Join us to become a part of that mission and we'll build it together.