Eloise Visser

About Me

I’m Eloise, a freelance illustrator from Namibia who specialises in the minimal Notion style. My illustrations are simple, capturing the clean Notion aesthetic while including my own whimsical flourishes.
The Notion community is growing, with more consultants, educators and brands joining everyday. I’m striving to build my illustration career helping the Notion community create their brand identities.

Visual storytelling

I believe that content is key to any marketing campaign, but content needs visuals to tell the story. I create illustrations that help brands tell stories, and the better your story the more relatable you are to your audience.


Brand Illustrations

Brand illustrations breathe life into your content with compelling images that people can connect with on an emotional level. They can convey a ton of information without any words at all. If you’re looking for a way to add personality to your content, this is it.

Personal Avatars

The perfect way to make an impression of yourself on social media and be recognized as a passionate Notion creator.  There's nothing that brightens my day more than the reactions of happiness and amazement I receive from clients. Every time I come across one in the Notion community, I'm filled with pride.