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Notion Only

Notion Utopia is a fully independent platform much like Etsy or Gumroad, but exclusively for Notion. What you can sell here:

1. Notion Templates

2. Ebooks & Guides

3. Icons & Mockups

4. Courses & Memberships

Anything related to Notion - we'll probably let you sell it here.

Creator Pages

Your brand is unique and your landing page shouldn't be any different.

With stores you can now add meaning to your page by molding to fit your personality. Define your story and shape the customer experience.

All Notion Utopia creators get a free store with customizable add-ons when signing up.

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Branded banners, "about me" sections & customer FAQs.

Content Creation

Content Creation

Write, publish and feature your articles on-page.



Make store announcements and highlight featured products.



Access guides and creator resources - uodated weekly.

Community Portal

We’re devoted to helping all Notion creators succeed on our platform.

That's why we've build Notion for Creators - a dedicated community of sellers. Providing support and unrivalled insights to help the Notion creator economy thrive.

Showcase your work, request feedback or share tips and tricks.

Notion for Creators

Get Paid Your Way

Define your road to success and have your profits match your ambition.

1. Sell for free - Costs nothing to get started. 20% commission & $0.45 transaction fee.

2. Become a member - Costs $19 per month to upgrade. 3.5% commission & $0.45 transaction fee.

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Better Commission

Better Commission

Only pay 3.5% + $0.45 per transaction.

Exclusive Features

Exclusive Features

Create bundles, sections & product promotions.

Advanced Styling

Advanced Styling

Custom CSS for store pages & edit product layouts.

Zero Obligation

Zero Obligation

Cancel at anytime & keep all customization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer here? Visit our Seller FAQs.

What do I need before signing up?

How do I setup an account?

How do I receive my earnings?