BOOTSTRAP OS Notion Template by Julian Paul
BOOTSTRAP OS Notion Template by Julian Paul
BOOTSTRAP OS Notion Template by Julian Paul
BOOTSTRAP OS Notion Template by Julian Paul
BOOTSTRAP OS Notion Template by Julian Paul
BOOTSTRAP OS Notion Template by Julian Paul
Julian Paul


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Bootstrap your way from idea to business.

From Purpose - Why you need BOOTSTRAP OS.

Solve a burning problem.

Entrepreneurship is messy. And your business is scattered across various Google accounts and 20+ files. Enough.

The Solution

Build a company people need. One single Notion workspace that guides you from A to B. BOOTSTRAP OS takes care of the process and plan for you.

To Process - How does BOOTSTRAP OS work?

There are thousands of unrealistic resources on building online businesses. Most accomplish giving you a bunch of templates and say GO! But with no guidance you miss 3 vital ingredients:

1. Adapt and update your Problem & Solution to shifting Segments & Early Adopters.

BOOTSTRAP OS has two databases: 1. Problem & Solution as well as 2. Segments & Early Adopters. These are synced across every single page. So you can stay on-top of who you are serving with your business.

2. Practice thinking in systems to make sense of hundreds of ideas and prioritise.

BOOTSTRAP OS makes use of Notion's power-user features by automating, sorting and ranking your ideas.

Do what's important by utilising the ICE Ranking through assessing the Impact, Confidence and Ease of any idea you come up with!

3. Cover all your bases and don't skip any vital steps. Have a clear process and plan.

BOOTSTRAP OS not only provides you with checklists, but shows you where you should have come from/where you should go.

Get guides, resources and explanations at every step. There are hundreds of hours of videos & online resources so you never get stuck.

Towards results - What's in BOOTSTRAP OS?

My mission is to provide you with the most effective step-by-step guide for getting entrepreneurship right.

I designed BOOTSTRAP OS to guide from idea to Concept, concept to MVP and finally MVP to business.

These 4 Stages define the typical linear lifecycle of any business. By following them, you won't skip any vital steps and work more effectively:

Foundation (7 templates)

  1. Ideapad
  2. Problem & Solution (synced database)
  3. Segment & Early Adopters (synced database)
  4. LEAN Canvas
  5. Value Proposition
  6. Resources & Tools (70+)

    Idea to Concept (5 templates)

    1. Quantitative Research
    2. Competitors
    3. SPA Treatment (15-25)
    4. Customer Discovery Structure
    5. Customer Discovery (15+)

      Concept to MVP (6 templates)

      1. Mock Press Release
      2. Assumption Junction
      3. Experimentation Stati
      4. MVP Experiment Canvas
      5. Product Development
      6. Launch Plan

        MVP to Business (5 templates)

        1. LEAN Financial Model
        2. AARRR Funel
        3. Google HEART
        4. A/B Testing
        5. Product Roadmap

          Who's behind this?

          I am Julian Paul, the creator of BOOTSTRAP OS. I have spent over 200+ hours condensing my knowledge from studies as a Business Developer at Hyper Island and a MSc in High Tech Entrepreneurship at Harbour.Space to build a Notion-based workflow and documentation tool for progressing with your dream business ASAP!

          My motto: I build useful things for people who want more from life.