Ikiguide - Reflect & discover your Ikigai Notion Template by Theresa Notion
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Ikiguide - Reflect & discover your Ikigai

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What is your purpose in life? Hard to tell, right? But for thousands of years, the Okinawan people knew, and they are the people who live the longest of us all.

So what is their secret?

Many assume that it is their Ikigai Life Philosophy, which revolves around identifying and practising your purpose throughout your lifetime. It might sound simple but sadly it's more than a journey than an instant discovery.

Here is an Ikigai Guide Notion Template that will get you closer to finding out what your purpose in life is. It will kickstart the right reflection process and help you test out the ideas you have.

This template includes:

  • Reflective Ikigai Questions
  • Automatic Ikigai Identifier Database that will allow you to test out how aligned your ideas are with the Ikigai Philosophy.
  • Pre-made Templates
  • Linked Databases

You will love this if...

...You are a Personal Growth enthusiast, who wants to keep learning & growing

...you are a student who's in a phase of your life where you are in doubt about your future

...You are career-oriented and have tons of opportunities to choose from

... You want to make the right decisions for you