Black Minimalist Book & Quote Tracker Notion Template by Theresa Notion
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Black Minimalist Book & Quote Tracker

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Get an overview of your readings, organize your favourite quotes and books so that you have a list ready when someone asks for your recommendations, track how close you are to your annual goal of reading 10 books per year. A template which is part of my series "Black Minimalist"


✔️ List of books - How many books did you read this year?

✔️ List of quotes - which quotes made a strong impression on you?

✔️ Page count - How many pages did you read in total?

✔️ Progress - How far are you with each book?

What's inside:

✔️ Unique related Database

✔️ Effective Bookmark

✔️ Bookshelf with multiple filtered view

✔️ Book Summary& Quotes section

✔️ Collection by Genre

✔️ Pre-made templates