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The Creator Bundle

Regular price $99 USD
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Envisioning the next big thing for your Notion brand?

The Notion Creator Bundle is an easy way to kickstart your own Notion centric brand. Build your online presence with graphics just as versatile and elegant as your Notion builds. Show your personality (and up your conversions!) with custom Notion graphics that show you take your work seriously. 

With our new creator bundle, you'll get:

  1. The Founder Avatar package valued at $80
  2. Our new 36 piece business icon pack valued  at $40 
  3. A 12 piece notion-style illustration set valued at $40
  4. 12 Notion-style Science icons valued at $20
  5. 12 Notion-style Space icons valued at $20
  6. 12 Notion-style Back-to-school icons valued at $20
  7. 12 Notion-style Beauty icons valued at $20
  8. 12 Notion-style Vegetable icons valued at $20
  9. 12 Notion-style Halloween icons valued at $20
  10. 12 Notion-style Potted Plant icons valued at $20

Make your workspace all it can be today for the low price of $99!

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