PRM (CRM for personal relationships)

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Improve your social well-being

A robust Notion dashboard that helps you show up to your relationships more consistently, keep nurturing your most meaningful connections even during your busiest times, and marie-kondo the ones that are not adding as much value to your life as you had hope for.

You’ll benefit from this if:

  • you often find yourself going for weeks or even months without checking in on the people that matter to you the most
  • you want to become a better friend/family member/colleague/etc by paying more attention to what’s going on in their lives and making sure they feel that you genuinely care about them
  • you feel like you’re spreading yourself too thin socially and are contemplating if you should reassess your current relationships

What's included:

  • Dashboard with reminders, upcoming plans & birthdays, favorites, gallery view, etc
  • People database (+ pages & views by categories)
  • Relationship categories database
  • Places/events/occasions database
  • Interests & hobbies database
  • Qualities database
  • Memories database