Smart Notion Resume Notion Template by Nalore
Smart Notion Resume Notion Template by Nalore

Smart Notion Resume

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Give your CV a modern look and catch the eye of recruiters with Notion.

Notion is the tool everyone is talking about right now. And if you work in the web & IT industry, everyone is looking to use it for their team or just to organize their personal digital space.

What better way to give the recruiter a cool image than by creating your CV directly in Notion?

What's included:

✅ 2 layouts with 3 columns

✅ 2 layouts with 2 columns

✅ Tips to add more style to your resume

What signal does this send to the recruiter 🧑‍💼 ?

🔥 You like Notion and know how to use it ;

🔥 You certainly have a workspace where all your universe and everything that inspires you can be found, well organized and structured.

Take advantage of the buzz around Notion to redesign your resume with it and share it online to stand out 😎.